Welcome to Kenbu Tenshin Ryu!


Kenbu Tenshin Ryu is intended to create peace, harmony, and love by cultivating your body, mind, heart and spirit through practicing with the sword.


A New Style of Iai-Batto Kenjutsu


Kenbu Tenshin Ryu is a new style of Iai-Batto Kenjutsu created by Founder Hiroyuki Aoki.

It is based in modern martial arts using mogito (imitation sword). 

The uniqueness of Kenbu Tenshin Ryu lies in the fact that it draws from various traditional schools of Bujutsu developed through the long history of Budo practice in Japan, and has revised and refined them to suit the needs of the modern era.


In Kenbu Tenshin Ryu, you will experience a unique blend of modern martial arts elements and Body Arts expressions embodied in the flowing sword techniques, as soft and graceful as a sword dance. 


Kenbu is open to anyone, with or without martial arts or sports background. 

Come enjoy the grace and pleasure of Kenbu to revitalize your body, mind, heart, and spirit and open up new doors!!


Kenbu Tenshin Ryu Benefits

  • learn basic martial arts movements, various sword techniques, and forms
  • learn a rich array of techniques ranging from those derived from traditional martial arts and those arranged in modern style 
  • experience the beauty of Katana and the intriguing movements special to Katana
  • gain a deeper understanding of not only our body but of ourselves as a whole
  • improve physical abilities and develop hidden potentials
  • enhance communication skills through various partner practices (kumite)
  • learn how to unify with others, nature, and our surroundings
  • gain flexibility that will help adapt to changes in life
  • develop our senses through freeing the body 
  • grow as a person and integrate body, mind, heart, and spirit
  • improve health and wellness
  • build concentration