About the Founder

Hiroyuki Aoki Profile

  • Born in Yokohama, Japan in 1936. Graduates from Chuo University with B.A. in Law. Studies Japan Karatedo under Master Egami Shigeru. Creates Shintaido, a modern body practice for body and mind development based in Judo, Karatedo and Aiki Jujutsu. Also creates a complete system of practice for Japanese Bojutsu (Stick Fighting) that is spread worldwide today.
  • Receives degree of Doctor of Literature from the California Graduate School of Divinity for his research in Religion and Philosophy.
  • In 1994, starts providing educational support for children living in poverty in the Philippines.
  • In 1998, receives the “The Order of the Grand Knight For The Distinguished Service of the World Peace” from the International Academy of the United States.
  • Opens Tenshin Shoho Juku (Tenshin Calligraphy School) in 2001.
  • Establishes Tenshinkai (General Incorporated Foundation) in 2002.
  • Creates Kenbu Tenshin Ryu in 2008 and continues to guide students in their pursuit of the Do (Way) by building a healthy body and spirit, promoting purification of the world, and praying for world peace through Kenbu.
  • Creates Team Tenshin in May 2011, a volunteer group to provide support to the Great East Japan Earthquake victims by offering health exercise workshops, shiatsu, and bodywork on a regular basis at temporary housings in Fukushima and Minami Sanriku.
  • Visits China, Philippines, Czech Republic, Italy, and France to promote international exchange through calligraphy and Kenbu.
  • Currently is the Representative Director of Tenshinkai Foundation, Director of Tenshin Shoho Juku, Founder of Kenbu Tenshin Ryu, Shintaido Honorary Chairman, Japan Mind-Body Science Director, and Japan Yojo Gakkai Supervisor.



  • “Karada wa Uchu no Message” (puhlished by Jiyu sha)
  • “Shin Karada Shugi Sengen” (published by Business sha)
  • “Shintaido” (published by Shunju sha)
  • “Shizen na Karada Jiyu na Kokoro” (published by Shunju sha)
  • “Un wo tsukamu Meiso ho” (published by Seishun Shuppansha)


Calligraphy Profile

  • “Chugoku Shoho Gakuin (Chinese Calligraphy Institute accredited by Shanghai University)” master course graduate
  • “Chugoku Shoho Ten (Chinese Calligraphy Exhibition)” judge
  • Bokuseki Research Group “Hitsuzenkai” former adviser
  •  “Chinese Santon Province Sainan Private Seika Shoho Gyoko (Calligraphy School)” honorary professor
  • Have also been active as guest artist in various international calligraphy exhibitions