Q.  What kind of sword do you use in Kenbu Tenshin Ryu practice?

A.  We use Mogito (imitation sword) and Bokuto (wooden sword).


Q.  Do you actually strike each other during the practice?

A.   In Kumitachi (partner practice with wooden sword), you actually strike each others' Bokuto. 

However, you follow a certain sequence of attack & defense forms, so you do not just strike each other randomly.


Q.  Isn't it dangerous to use Shinken (real sword with a forged blade)?

A.  We do not use Shinken during the practice.

      However, advanced practitioners may occasionally use Shinken during public performances.


Q.  What should I wear during the practice?

A.   Please wear the designated Kenbu Tenshin Ryu practice wear (white Japanese-style shirt and



Q.  Can I borrow the necessary tools?

A.  Yes, you can borrow the necessary tools for free for the first trial lesson.


Q. When do I need to purchase my own tools? 

A.  Please purchase your own Mogito and Bokuto once you become an official Kenbu Tenshin

      Ryu Member.


Q.  Can I use tools purchased from other companies or groups besides Tenshinkai?

A.  Yes, you can use tools purchased from anywhere you like.


Q.  I am a complete beginner, but can I still participate in Kenbu Tenshin Ryu classes?

A.  Yes, you can start learning Kenbu Tenshin Ryu regardless of your background.


Q.  I belong to another school, but can I also participate in Kenbu Tenshin Ryu practice?

A.  Of course, you are always welcome to join us!